Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Do you have any little 'things' you need to do? Things that to others may seem very strange, but to you they're completley normal?
Well I do. For example, every easter I HAVE to watch The Lion King. Why, you may ask? Because at the beginning, the babboon in a way 'christens' Simba. As he does this he cracks a round thing. I dont know what it is, but its round. He also cracks the same thing later on in the film and bites and gobbles at it.
As you know, at easter most people recieve chocolate easter eggs. I pretend I am the Babboon and I crack open my easter eggs, and I bite and gobble at them.
Oh yes, we all have little routines of things we do, that to others may seem very strange, however we continue to do them, because we just can't help it.

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