Monday, 20 June 2011

Apple Mac's

I reallyyyyy want an apple mac laptop. Well, lots of people do I suppose, but my laptop is hiddiously slow. It constantly freezes, the fan is broken and it makes extremly loud, constant  "WRRAAARRMMMRWRRRRRRRRWRRWWWWWRRRRRRR" noises. I know, YAY. -_____-
So that's why I want an apple laptop. I know lots of people that have them - my uncle, my aunt, my grandad has the computer, and others - people I am terribly jealous of. I love using the apple compuers and laptops, and comparing my aunt's and uncle's laptops to mine, they last A LOT longer.
The only problem - the obvious problem - is money. Where do I get the money to get a laptop? Oh well. I guess i'll think of something eventually. I hope.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Do you have any little 'things' you need to do? Things that to others may seem very strange, but to you they're completley normal?
Well I do. For example, every easter I HAVE to watch The Lion King. Why, you may ask? Because at the beginning, the babboon in a way 'christens' Simba. As he does this he cracks a round thing. I dont know what it is, but its round. He also cracks the same thing later on in the film and bites and gobbles at it.
As you know, at easter most people recieve chocolate easter eggs. I pretend I am the Babboon and I crack open my easter eggs, and I bite and gobble at them.
Oh yes, we all have little routines of things we do, that to others may seem very strange, however we continue to do them, because we just can't help it.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


There are some people in life that are cruel.
They are the people you try to avoid,
The people your parents don't like you seeing,
The people that you aren't supposed to like.

They are the people that hurt others.
The people that care about no one but themselves.
The people that are willing to do anything to get what they want.

Some of them however, are able to hide it.
You think that you know them.
You think you can trust them.
You think that your friends with them.

Until one day, you find out that they are just like all the others.

Monday, 6 June 2011

My cat

This is my cat. Well, one of my cats... I have two. This one is called Ruby.
I wouldn't like to say I am a 'cat person' because I do like dogs too. I dont see how some people can love one and not the other but thats just how some people are I suppose. I would love to have a dog but having two cats- one quite vicious and not extremely happy, I do not think it would be the most sensible idea to bring a dog into their lives aswell, seeing as they have enough trouble putting up with eachother already.

My little sister made cakes

I do love cakes.
I love making them too,
 but you just can't beat eating them.
They're sweet and soft,
They're crummy and bouncy,
They're cakes.
Pretty, tastey, delicious cakes.


I personally love reading. 
Lots of people my age generally don't like reading because for some reason it is seen as 'uncool' I suppose, but I think it's fantastic. It can stop you from being bored and give you new things to think about, which can be a brilliant relief from having to put up with your own thoughts and problems day in, day out.
I always need to have at least one book on the go to keep me sane, but I normally have at least three going at once.
Some people say that a blog is supposed to persuade people.. so I suppose could try that.
Read. Pick up a book and give it a go, you might surprise yourself and actually enjoy it.

Sunday, 5 June 2011


As you can probably guess.. I made a blog.  I've thought about it numerous times and tried but never proceeded.. until today.
Lots of people I know have blogs and I love reading them, but always thought if I wrote one it would be horribly pointless and noone would read or like it.  However then I thought about it, and that's what blogs are if you think about it.. pointless.  So I thought what the hell and made one. 
I apologise in advance to anyone that this blog  may extremely bore, but I'm going to give it a go anyway.