Monday, 29 August 2011

My Best Friend.

Do you ever question how you possibly became friends with someone so amazing? why they talk to you, let alone why they're friends with you... Well I sometimes wonder this about my best friend.

She is truly one of the most brilliant people I've ever met. Also, she's STUNNING. She's half chinese, quater norwegian and quater english. A pretty beautiful mix. Now I, being almost full engligh (well an 8th irish to be precise...) can look extremly plain compared to her, but still she is friends with me. She also lived in Spain for nine years, and speaks Spanish fluently- so she speaks TWO languages. I on the other hand I just speak english. She is (now im going to use this word even though it makes me sound ridiculously stupid) really, really cool. So yes I sound really, really, really uncool by saying that but I don't care. She is. She has the nicest clothes, most things from Zara. - She has amazing, and expensive taste. Where as I have some clothes from charity shops :L She is also HILARIOUS. I can sit with her and just laugh for hours and hours on end :') and she just comes up with the funniest comments you've ever heard.

Basically she is everything I want to be.

But I just have to think, don't question why she's friends with you, just accept it and make the most of how lucky you are. And anyway, she'd probably say the same about me, because thats what best friends do :')

I love you, best friend <3